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Lion's Mane 30ml | The Mushroomist



Lion's Mane 30ml | The Mushroomist


Traditional use

Lion's mane or, as it is called in Japanese, mountain priest mushroom, has long been used as a general restorative and support for the functions of the mind.


We personally cultivate, harvest, process and extract the lion’s mane, making it possible to offer you the freshest, purest and strongest elixir available. It is extracted in three ways to preserve the full spectrum of active components found in fresh lion’s mane. This process involves high-tech methods based on traditional techniques and only natural ingredients. The extracts are then stabilized and flavoured with organic maple syrup.


Lion's mane stimulates the brain to produce more NGF (nerve growth factor). These neuropeptides are responsible for the growth, maintenance, and proliferation of neurons in the human brain. As we age, the activity of these neuropeptides decreases, causing the deterioration of brain function. NGF helps maintain a vital and healthy brain.

NGF is also responsible for the production of new myelin sheaths. These myelin sheaths are protective layers around the nerves and they accelerate the flow of signals between cells. When these sheaths are damaged, as is the case with diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, these control signals go back and forth much slower. Therapies for these diseases are currently being developed on the basis of lion's mane and NGF.

Lion's mane also has neurotrophic properties. This means that it stimulates the growth and differentiation of neurons. These play an important role in learning and the development of the brain.

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